PCP Certification :

Citizen's education Development Foundation (CEDF)
CEDF   has   been   certified   as   a   Non-Profit   Organization   (NPO)   by   the   Pakistan   Center   for Philanthropy   (PCP)   in   Islamabad.   It   is   one   of   the   200   NGOs,   whose   profile   is   included   in   the “Gateway to Giving”, a     directory     of     certified     NPOs,     the     first     of     its     kind     to     be     published     in     Pakistan. (www.pcp.org.pk/pdf/GTG   /Gareway.pdf).The   Commissioner   of   Income   Tax   of   the   Federal Board   of   Revenue   (FBR)   has   granted   CEDF   a   Tax   Exemption   Certificate   on   the   basis   of PCP’s   certification.   This   certification   will   help   CEDF   to   increase   its   capacity   to   access   donor assistance,   as   these   donations   will   be   tax   exempt.   CEDF’s   profile   is   also   placed   on   PCP’s website   (www.pcp.org.pk),   giving   a   brief   history   of   the   organization,   its   major   activities   and achievements    and    all    such    information    that    projects    CEDF    as    a    reliable    and    credible organization.  
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