Achievements :

Citizen's education Development Foundation (CEDF)
As of September 2016: There   are   14   home   schools   in   operation   educating   about   340   children,   while   the   mobile   school   with   4   shifts   a   day   educates another 160 children. A total of 500 children are being educated daily. 200   students   from   the   home   and   mobile   schools   were   admitted   in   government   schools   in   2016   and   have   become   a   part   of the student  sponsorship program.   Counting   the   students   already   in   this   program   from   previous   years,   there   are   a   total   of   722   students   in   this   program receiving   books   and   uniforms. All   this   is   done   without   any   overhead   expenses.   CEDF   has   no   office,   no   phone   and   no   office staff.   Volunteers   work   out   of   their   own   homes   and   the   entire   donation   received   is   used   for   the   education   of   the   needy   child. CEDF   ensures   that   at   least   50   percent   of   the   total   students   are   girls.   So   for   a   mere   Rs.3,500   a   child   receives   instructions for   an   entire   year.      Strict   accounting   and   documentation   is   maintained   of   all   CEDF   expenses.   Accounts   are   audited   by Raza Siddiqui & Co. Chartered Accountant, Chartered Accountants and are available for scrutiny.     Expression. I   am   a   Bolachi   girl   from   Kachi Abadi,   who   would   not   have   received   any   education   if   it   was   not   for   the   CEDF   program.   While teaching at a CEDF Home School, I finished high school (Matriculation) privately. I   have   also   graduated   with   degree   of   B.COM.   from   a   women's   college.   CEDF   has   supported   me   all   the   way,   paying   for   my books,   Uniforms,   and   tuition.   Education   for   women   is   particularly   important   as   it   empowers   us   to   break   the   cycle   of   poverty and have a voice in our future.    
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