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Citizen's education Development Foundation (CEDF)
Citizen’s Education      Development Foundation “Functional literacy is our goal’’ REGD, # KAR/2645 of 1993 ### Tax Exemption certificate No. CIT (SO-D/Cos.V/2006/812) as of June 2013        CITIZENS EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015) OVER VIEW CEDF is a small NGO with only one goal—functional literacy for all. It came into being in 1986. A concerned citizen opened her house to street children who had no access to education. At first she taught them herself, and as the numbers increased she hired a teacher to educate them in her house. Soon other residents of the area also adopted the idea of having a classroom in their houses. The idea grew and attracted more like minded citizens and Citizens‟ Education Development Foundation (CEDF) was born. The next step was to have home schools in kachi abadis. Later, a bus was purchased and converted into a class room, equipped with desks, chairs and blackboard. This mobile school, staffed with a teacher, traveled to kachi abadis where no home schools could be opened. Now the children of the kachi abadis had a school at their doorstep. After a year of studying in the informal schools of CEDF, students who showed promise were helped with admissions into regular schools and all their educational expenses were borne by CEDF, under its Sponsorship program. CEDF   is   proud   to   have   no   overhead   expenses.   We   have   no   office,   no   staff   other   than   teachers,   no   phone.   The   members   work   as   volunteers from their own homes and at their own expense and 100% of donations are used to educate the children. THE WORKING COMMITTEE The Working Committee consists of active and retired professionals and home makers who have taken it upon themselves to induct the “forgotten child” into the literate world. These socially conscientious members of society act as the governing body of CEDF. All the members work as volunteers and not only set the policy but also supervise the CEDF schools closely. In June 2015 our dear friend and Treasurer of CEDF, Lisa Khoso, passed away suddenly. Her death has left us all bereft. She had been one of the pioneers of CEDF and was one of the most active members of the organization. She worked tirelessly in the CEDF Sponsorship program and her goal was always to alleviate the lot of the poor. She will be sorely missed. The members of the Committee are Dr. Naseem Salahuddin, Dr. Bari Awan, Mrs. Lisa Khoso (till June, 2015), Mrs. Rehana Alam, Mrs. Zeba Ghias, Mrs. Shireen Maqsood, Mrs. Atiya Shujaat, Mrs. Ruby Sheikh, Mrs. Najma Hussain, Ms. Nazeeha Husain, Mrs. Amina Ghazi, Mrs. Zeba Javed, Mrs. Zeeba Shahid, Mr. Ayaz Hashambhoy, Ms. Ayeza Sumsam, Mrs. Ayesha Sachwani and Dr. Lubna Bokhari. Mr, Ayaz Hashambhoy is the CEO. No one has as yet been taken in place of Lisa Khoso as the Treasurer, Dr. Bari Awan is the Chairperson and Rehana Alam is the Secretary of the organization. FINANCES CEDF depends on donations from concerned individuals and organizations. Each year the accounts are audited by a firm of Chartered Accountants. In 2005 CEDF was certified by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) and awarded tax exemption status. Since then CEDF has been recertified twice more. Since for some time CEDF has been unable to raise enough funds to cover the expenses, Dr. Iftikhar Salahuddin very generously donated 100 signed copies of his prize-winning book “Jerusalem” to be sold by CEDF members. The proceeds went to CEDF. We thank Dr. Iftikhar for his constant support and encouragement. Because of a rather rigorous attempt at fund raising, this year, after 2 bad years, we were able to raise more funds than we spent. The 2014-2015 financial highlights follow: Income Expenditure The single largest expense is the cost of Sponsorship which came to Rs. 1,311,389 this year even though we restricted most of our aid to government schools students. The most important point in CEDF‟s finances this year is that we have a surplus albeit a small one. We will have to continue our efforts to raise money in 2015-2016. MOBILE SCHOOL The Mobile School has been in operation since 1993. This school on wheels is a very innovative and practical way to reach students in kachi abadis. A well trained teacher, Dildar, and assistant teachers take care of the 160 students who attend school in four 2 hour shifts of 40 children each. Dildar also prepares students, who have finished at least one year of school, for the admission tests in nearby government schools. The assistant teacher, Shehzad, has been working well. Bismillah Khan, who also drives the bus, has been inducted to help with the teaching. Mobile School closes in June because it is too hot for children to study in the bus. The bus has 2 computers which are hooked up outside the bus. As one shift ends children go to the computers to self-learn how to use it. The computers were given by an organization who want to let the students learn computer use by trial and error and from each other on the basis of the „Hole in the Wall‟ philosophy. The electricity for the fans and the computers is provided by a generous neighbor. Mr. Ayaz Hashambhoy looks after the Mobile School. Many school and college students and concerned adults come to volunteer with CEDF children in the Mobile School. HOME SCHOOLS An   effective   method   of   reaching   out   to   the   children   who   have   been   neglected   and   forgotten   by   our   education   system   is   to   open   schools   right where   they   live.   With   this   in   mind,   women   and   girls   of   matric   level   education   are   approached   in   kachi   abadis   and   urged   to   open   informal   2 hour schools in their own homes. They are able to attract students since they are members of the same community. The home school teachers are paid salaries and also rent for the use of their rooms. A Working Committee member takes charge of each school for close and meaningful monitoring. If any teacher desires to continue her own education, CEDF gives the teacher financial support. Every home school closes for 2 weeks of summer vacations during June or July, according to the convenience of the teacher. The following home schools have been in operation during 2014-2015. Z1 closed in September, 2014 because the teacher got a morning job and wanted to continue her education in the evening. PNT closed in June, 2015 because the teacher has got a full time job. Saira,   the   teacher   of   G2a,   has   got   married   and   now   both   the   schools   (G2   and   G2a)   are   conducted   by   Tahira. After   the   closure,   there   are   13 home schools and 4 shifts in the Mobile School. The total number of students comes to 520 for 2014-2015.  SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM Every year students who have been in the CEDF system for at least a year and are ready and willing to enter formal schools are helped to gain admission in government schools. Their uniforms, books and stationary are provided by CEDF. This became the last year in which Mrs.Lisa Khoso coordinated the Sponsorship program. Because of a paucity of funds CEDF only gave books and stationary to government school students. Uniforms were given to all students, both from government and private schools. This year 724 students were sponsored. FUND-RAISING EFFORTS Dr. Naseem Salahuddin gave a presentation to The Inner Wheel Club who donated Rs. 200,000 Mrs. Lisa Khoso and Dr. Bari Awan gave a presentation to the SAARC Women‟s Association who gave Rs.100,000. With the help of Ammarah Makhdumi and a great deal of paper work done by Dr. Bari Awan, CEDF is now on the panel of I-care and funds donated to CEDF in the US will now be tax exempt. HEALTH MATTERS Students of the Mobile school and Home schools were given all three doses of Hep B vaccines. Representatives of Fatimid Association gave a well-received presentation on the causes of Thalassaemia to CEDF students. WE ARE HAPPY TO REPORT Cricket matches were organized for CEDF students. Drinks were provided by the British Women‟s Association. A bus load of students attended the Karachi Literature Festival The CEDF website is in the process of being revamped courtesy of Mikaal Khoso and Ayeza Sumsam WE THANK Ms. Rabia Gharib and Talia for entertaining our children so ably at the Teacher Appreciation Day. Dr. Iftikhar Salahuddin for the generous donation of the book “Jerusalem”. Bisconni Biscuit Co. for donating biscuits for CEDF students. SPECIAL EVENTS -Teachers Appreciation Day was celebrated on Dec.13, 2014 in the garden of Dr. Naseem Salahuddin. Rabia Gharib of T.V. Toffee, and her assistant Talia, entertained the students. - Picnics were arranged for the students of the Mobile school and various Home schools.
Donations 2,414,221 Membership Fees 15,000 Profit on Investment 317,312 Total income 2,746,553 Salaries 880,550 Rents 86,950 Bus, running expense 120,465 Student Sponsorship 1,311,389 Teacher Appreciation Day 5,042 Stationary and Mailing 383 Audit fee 46,980 Depreciation 27,817 Misc. 22,368 Income tax on bank profit 36,442 Total expenses 2,538,386 SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR 208,147 School Teacher Coordinator # of children H1 Liaquat N. Salahuddin 45 H2 Kaleem/Sajida A. Shujaat 45 G3 Nausheen Z. Ghias 20 G5 Rehana Z. Ghias 20 G2 Tahira Z. Ghias 24 G2a Saira Z. Ghias 20 R1 Fauzia B.Awan 25 R2 Fauzia B.Awan 25 R5 Naheed Z. Shahid 25 R6 Naik Bakht B. Awan/L Bukhari 20 R7 Zarghuna B. Awan/L Bukhari 25 G7 Sabeen S.Maqsood 25 G8 Farah S.Maqsood 20 PNT Arshi Khanum N. Husaain 18 Z1 Ayesha R.Alam 25
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