Citizen's education Development Foundation (CEDF)
PURPOSE The Lisa Khoso Scholarship Fund (LKS) has been established by the Khoso family in memory of Lisa Khoso, who was a very active member of the Citizen Education Development Foundation working committee, the governing board of CEDF. VISION CEDF’s vision is to provide an education to the forgotten children of the “Kachi Abadies” of our society, specially the girl child. Lisa was a very passionate supporter of this vision and the LKS is dedicated to this. FUNDS The estimated cost of educating a student under the CEDF Student Sponsorship Program for four years in a government college is Rs. 64,000 (Sixty four thousand)  A total of 22 students (12 girls and 10 boys)who have passed high school through the CEDF system in2016 have decided to enter college. Each donor from the Khoso family can support as many students as they desire and the funds to be sent in the form of a crossed check in the name of CEDF. ACCOUNTING The CEDF will keep the LKS accounts as a separate item in its accounting system. CEDF will provide each donor a complete account of the donations received, the actual amounts spend on each sponsored student & the remaining balance carried forward to the next year. This will give the donors the opportunity to replenish the fund each year to keep it going.  
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