Mobile Schools:

Citizen's education Development Foundation (CEDF)
For those who could not reach a home school, CEDF took the school to them. In 1993, a mobile school service was inaugurated This is a highly innovative and practical idea conceived by us in response to futile attempts to open home schools in difficult and unreachable areas.   A large used reconditioned bus was purchased with donations, and converted into a classroom with a blackboard, desks and chairs for 24 children. The outside was gaily painted with attractive pictures. After seven years of service the old bus become so dilapidated and un repairable that it had to be  sold and a drive for collecting donations for purchasing a new bus was initiated in 2000. The required amount was collected through the hard work of our members and the generosity of our friends and many donors.    The Hino Bus Corporation was approached and agreed to design a bus as a mobile school, fitted with desks, chairs, ceiling fans, water cooler and a foldable writing screen. The order was placed in January 2001 and the bus was built to our requirements and specifications and finally delivered to us in May 2001. Thanks to a group of volunteers the gaily painted and colorful art work on the exterior of the bus was completed in June. The bus has been registered and exempted from tax. The inauguration of the New Mobile School Bus was performed at the D.H.A Sunset Club on 4 September 2001. The bus is parked in front of a board member’s residence in DHA and driven out to the same areas every day except Sunday, doing four shifts a day. The new bus can accommodate 40 students. There are four 2 hour shifts a day accommodating a total of 160 students.    
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