Special Events :

Citizen's education Development Foundation (CEDF)
Teacher’s Appreciation Day   Teacher’s Appreciation Day Every year a function is held to honor the CEDF teachers to which students, parents and donors are invited. Teachers talk about their schools, successes and problems. Awards are given to the teachers and the students who have stood 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their classes of their respective schools
Excursions   The mobile school bus is used on Sundays for field trips by the students for a visit to the zoo, Safari Park, Mohata Palace, Clifton Beach,Qaid-e- Azam Mazar, PAF Museum or cricket matches. The field trips are supervised by accompanying parents and teachers.
Volunteer Program   Students from various affluent schools volunteer their time to teach students of different Home and Mobile Schools. They design activities such as songs, skits, jokes, story telling and making handicrafts – all designed to learn while having fun. The experience is invaluable to both student and volunteer.
Health Matters Health Matters: Students of the mobile and all home schools are given all three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine in cooperation with The Health Foundation.
Computers   The mobile school has two desk top computers, which are hooked up outside the bus. As one shift ends, students go to the computers to self learn how to use it. One of the computers was given by an organization whose philosophy is “Hole in the Wall” under which the students have to learn the use of computers by trial and error and from each other. The electricity for the fans and computers is provided by a generous neighbor.
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